Why choose the Enphase Leads Program?

We delivered more than 1.2 million quality leads for over a decade.

All leads are scored by our proprietary algorithm and only the best ones are sent.

All leads are opted-in, TCPA compliant, and delivered in realtime.

Get access, convert better

with the Enphase Leads Program
Get quick access to customers ready to invest in solar energy. The Enphase Leads Program delivers real-time, high-quality solar leads with relevant information about type of home ownership, interest in a solar only or solar + battery system, shading, and more, to help you qualify and convert better.

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What other installers have to say about us

“SolarLeadFactory has been a great partner to Sunpro/ADT Solar. They have become one of our top partners due to great leads and a data driven approach to optimization. Their proprietary software allowed them to do market by market optimization and reach our Cost Per Acquisition goals.”

Ahmed Mohamed,

ADT Solar

“SolarLeadFactory reliably provides quality leads quickly and efficiently to help us grow our customer base across our current and new market opportunities. PosiGen relies upon our partners to help identify those most in need of solar solutions and energy efficiency.”

Michael Morrison,


“We have been working with SolarLeadFactory for many years now, we rely on them for a large majority of our leads. They have helped us grow within our current markets and expand into new markets. ​​They are very easy to communicate with and their endless support has made them a great partner for us!”​

Danielle Kasprzyk,

​Freedom Solar Power​